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To register your interest in taking part in this race, please contact Luis Escobar, Race Director:
[email protected]

general enquiries:
[email protected]

Why This Matters

We recognise the importance of tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change. Emissions from tourism were responsible for 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions globally in 2018, with just one return ticket from Los Angeles to Paris leading to the emission of 3.5 tonnes of CO2 and the loss of 10.5 m² of arctic ice.

Our Actions

Travel emissions are an unavoidable part of the Snowman Race, and it’s something we wanted to responsibly track upfront. Whilst reducing emissions where possible is vital, we also wanted to take steps to offset travel emissions from the Snowman Race. You will be able to find out more about our offsetting projects closer to our race date.

Snowman Race is partnering with Singapore-based tech company Capture to help athletes and their entourages live track and analyse emissions from journeys to and from Bhutan. The team behind Capture are enabling live tracking and analysis of our journey emission data, which we are sharing openly in the hope that we can encourage others to learn more about their emissions too.

Who is Capture?

Founded in 2019 in Singapore by CoFounders Aziz and Josie, Capture’s vision is to make planet friendly living possible for everyone. Capture’s app is available via the AppStore & Google Play and we support both organisations and individuals through the Capture app and software.

When it comes to Capture for individuals, Capture helps users track, reduce and remove CO2 emissions from everyday life, with automatic tracking currently available for journeys and food choices. Users first calculate baseline emissions and -7.6% to set a monthly target. Why 7.6%? We would need to decrease emissions by 7.6% year on year between now and 2030 to meet the 1.5 degree warming goals. Tracking is mostly automatic using algorithms that predict mode of transport and journey time from your GPS movements and we also have a choice of verified offsetting projects for you to subscribe too if you wish.

When it comes to Capture for organisations, we work with leaders to put sustainability in the pockets of every employee; engaging the workforce in data-driven, gamified actions to help protect our planet and improve your business. If you’re a team looking to engage in sustainability and monitor collective emissions, feel free to get in touch with us via email to find out more via [email protected]

Bhutan Climate Action Summit

At the sidelines of the Snowman Race, Bhutan will host the first Bhutan Climate Summit for Business Leaders. The Summit will bring together, business leaders, government champions, civil societies, and academia. Among others, the Summit will institute a globally reputed sustainability award and create a new fund for climate actions targeting Bhutan’s highlands. The inaugural Summit will focus on business leaders from Asia with a concentration on mid-sized companies.

World for Life

We invite you to join us in our “World for Life” movement to help spread climate change awareness and take real action.

Big or small let us join hands in improving the global commitment for a sustainable future for our planet. Be a Climate Change Hero by supporting the World For Life movement so that we can come together in creating more sustainable thought and action.


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